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From the Principal -

Monday February 27th -

Next week will be the first round of ISTEP+ for students across the state of Indiana. Regardless of personal opinions of standardized testing, it is a very important time of the year for both your student and JCMS. Our students have been growing their brains in multiple ways over the past 7 months and next week is their first opportunity to show, loud and proud, what they have accomplished in that time. We encourage all students to be proud and confident of their knowledge for this test and give it all the effort they have to do their best. Click HERE find important information regarding this first part of ISTEP+ and ways in which you can help and encourage your child to do their best.

Tuesday January 3rd -

We hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season and were able to find some time to rest and relax together. It was great to see all the smiling faces back in our building this morning!

As we start the second half of the year, I wanted to take a moment to share with you our priorities as a school and where we are headed. With second semester, there comes a lot of things happening - students and teachers getting back into the groove, we begin preparing for ISTEP+, we take ISTEP+, students pick classes for next year and get scheduled, and last but certainly not least, we continue to grow and develop as learners. Add to that the unpredictable weather in Southern Indiana bringing the dreaded "snow days" and students at JCMS have a lot going on before summer arrives. Through all of this, JCMS is committed to keeping your child's growth and learning a priority. To accomplish growth and learning for your student, the staff continues to work on increasing the engagement of our students and the quality instruction that we present to push students forward, we are targeting those students that may struggle with Math or Language Arts and get them them help they need to be successful later and we are continuing to work on creating a culture of fun, enjoyable learning as a school. As JCMS continues to work towards these three things, your student will continue to grow and be better prepared for their future.

We cannot do this alone though. We ask for your continued support of your student at home and open communication with teachers. Just checking with your student about homework each evening, giving them a quiet place to do that and study and check their grades online regularly can be tremendously helpful in ensuring your student is successful. Don't hesitate to contact teachers via email if you have questions about an assignment or what else you can do to help. Working together, we will surely give your student the skills they need to be successful as a lifelong learner.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to another great semester with your student!

Tuesday November 22nd - Schedule Changes 2nd Semester

JCMS uses an assessment called MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) 3 times a year to help gauge the learning levels of all students. It is simply a "dip stick" measurement of what each student knows and is able to do at this point. Usually, individual teachers use the results from this assessment in their classes to help meet the needs of all of their students. We will be getting ready to take the second MAP assessment of the year on December 2nd but with these results, we do things a little different. Teachers still use the results in their own class but the administration, instructional coach and school counselors also get together and use the results to identify students who may be struggling in Math of Language Arts. Those students who MAP shows may be struggling will be rescheduled into an enrichment class second semester to help work on getting those students up to speed and ready for the next grade level. If any of those students are already in an enrichment class, their schedule will not be changed. If your student is someone who gets their schedule adjusted, we will call home to let the parents know that we have done this as well. We want to keep communication as open as possible with you while we work to ensure that your student has the best education possible and is ready for the next level in their education. Please do not hesitate to contact us though if you have any questions about this process or would like more information.

Friday October 28th - eLearning Day Practices

This week, all teachers completed their second practice for Inclement Weather Days (eLearning Days). Both students and teachers have been learning how to make these days as productive as possible. We will do one more practice day in November during school and after that day, students and staff should be well prepared for any actual eLearning days we may have in December, January and February.

Other News -

  • JCMS will host Panther Study and Homework Help every Tuesday and Thursday. The library will be open to any student at the middle school from 3:15-5:00 to use internet, work on assignments or get help with homework or studying. Click HERE for more information.
  • There will be no school on Presidents Day - Monday February 20th.


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